Welcome! Woof Woof! Meow!

My name is Colleen Fogarty and I started Healing Hands because I was inspired by my best friend, Freddie, who was a Wirehair Fox Terrier. He was a service animal and the song in my heart. He suffered from a disease similar to ALS – Degenerative Myelopathy. When I met him, I was told we only had one year together. But, with my care and friendship, we were blessed with 5 long years of friendship. Healing Hands is my way of remembering him and how I continue to honor our friendship; through helping other animals to fully live their lives.

You’re wondering…

“Alright. That’s a great story but how can you help me and my friend?” I’m glad you ask. I can assure you, with my guidance, you and your animal will be better equipped and acquainted build, recover and/or strengthen your friendship.

The healing Process

4 Simple steps to enhancing your relationship

The Meetup

I will meet you at your home where your animal feels most comfortable

The Get To Know

An important part of helping your animal is getting to know his/her personality

The Diagnosis

After spending time with your animal, I will be better able to diagnosis and recommend solutions.

The Get Well

Upon diagnosis of problem, we can implement a plan to help your animal on track to recovery
  • TERRI L.
    My dog had a lot of anxiety and would get nervous around new people. After two sessions with Colleen, he is showing a much greater sense of calm around other people, and his interactions with other dogs at the dog park are much better as well.
    TERRI L.
    Colleen is a caring, intuitive healer. Her therapeutic skills assist aging pets in finding comfort, healing and mobility.
    Colleen is a kind and compassionate practitioner, and both humans and animals can benefit greatly from her healing energy. I highly recommend her services for anyone wishing to improve their health, whether furry or human. I am the “mom” of Charlie, a golden retriever with health issues. Colleen helps communicate with him, providing wisdom to make choices regarding care and guiding us to use our intuition, while performing energy work to facilitate healing. Charlie has responded very well to his healing sessions, which has offered me great peace of mind. And as a two-legged client, I can personally attest to Colleen‘s knowledge of bodywork/massage. An expert in her field, she helped release chronic problematic muscle tension. Whether or not I could articulate what was needed, she instinctively knew how to provide relief. Colleen is truly a master at her craft… my dog, two cats and I can all attest to this.


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