As a two-legged client that has worked with Colleen over the past 20 years, I can confidently say her abilities in the Healing Arts are beyond comparison. From massage and light therapy, to frequency, energy work and  aromatherapy, she has it all. Her wide ranging knowledge and variety of techniques have made her a Master within her industry. When Colleen expanded her services to include all of our 4-legged friends, it was music to my ears. She has successfully transferred these same skills to those who can not speak for themselves. I have watched her nurture animals who were terminally ill, and help them to live long and quality lives, defying all classic science. She has personally modified the set point of our 17-year-old miniature pinscher, who was given a grim diagnosis many months ago. With her gentle touch and intuitive nature, she can assess total mind/body systems in humans and pets alike. Colleen is nothing short of a gift to all she encounters.


If our farm full of animals here in Kentucky could write this, they would say, “Colleen knows what we need! She understands us, and helps us feel relaxed, centered and grounded. Thank you, Colleen for your special work with all of us!”


Colleen is a caring, intuitive healer. Her therapeutic skills assist aging pets in finding comfort, healing and mobility.


My dog had a lot of anxiety and would get nervous around new people. After two sessions with Colleen, he is showing a much greater sense of calm around other people, and his interactions with other dogs at the dog park are much better as well.


Colleen is a kind and compassionate practitioner, and both humans and animals can benefit greatly from her healing energy. I highly recommend her services for anyone wishing to improve their health, whether furry or human. I am the “mom” of Charlie, a golden retriever with health issues. Colleen helps communicate with him, providing wisdom to make choices regarding care and guiding us to use our intuition, while performing energy work to facilitate healing. Charlie has responded very well to his healing sessions, which has offered me great peace of mind. And as a two-legged client, I can personally attest to Colleen‘s knowledge of bodywork/massage. An expert in her field, she helped release chronic problematic muscle tension. Whether or not I could articulate what was needed, she instinctively knew how to provide relief. Colleen is truly a master at her craft… my dog, two cats and I can all attest to this.


From helping you and your animal to better communicate and understand one another to Behavioral Therapy to Physical Therapy, I can help.